Life Updated: Snow Day Edition

Have you been having a snow day or two?  We have here in Maryland.

snow day first collage

I keep giggling to myself about how much we freak out about snow in Maryland (outside of DC). You'd think we'd never seen it before nor driven in it.  Since I went to undergrad at Michigan State University (Go, Spartans!) and grad school at University of Colorado (Go, Buffalos!) I giggle more as those two states really have snow, right?  Nothing is more fun than waking up for an 8am class in feet of snow.  Oh, those days!

snow day collage

Thankfully, my family and I adore the snow as evidenced by this snowy hike we took with Jedi.  That goo behind Jedi is a chunky river.  Isn't it crazy looking?

Keeping cozy.  I hope you are, too.