DIY Frosted Glass {for Heart Week}

I love a project that is easy and fun, plus the supply list is short:  glass vase, frosted spray paint and stickers.  That's it.  We bought all our supplies from Joann Crafts using a coupon for everything and/or the items were on sale.  I think I paid $2 a vase - they were half off that day.  The frosted spray paint was normally $6, but I had a 50% off coupon.  We used letter stickers from the scrapbook aisle - they were 40% off that day.  Inexpensive.  

Using this tutorial from A Beautiful Mess, Mr. UpCyclist's family - mom, sisters and dad, plus Lil O - and I all made vases.  I filled mine with cookies and heart Peeps.  Then, I wrapped it up to gift to my coaching peeps - I adore them and they all just finished their last coaching class.  Yay!

Here's what it looked like in our basement when I spray painted the vase.  Note to self:  Don't spray paint in the basement.  It smelled like fumes all week!  Mr. UpCyclist shook his head at me.

The only con to this project is the edge of the letters (once you peel off the stickers) isn't totally clean. In the photo above, you can kind see what I mean.  But, I still think it's a fun idea.

I do have some frosted spray paint left.  What else should I make?  Maybe more vases?  A cookie jar? Fun plate?

Oh, I know.  I could make cool teachery gifts.