Brave Lessons

To keep myself accountable for my word for 2014, Brave, I thought I'd start a new series - Brave Lessons.  Here's what I learned this week about Brave and here's what I am celebrating:

  • I learned some things are Brave and some things are just slightly out of my comfort zone.  Brave to me is bigger and bolder.
  • I learned that when I am Brave, I can tell the difference immediately in my gut.
  • I learned being Brave may be paired with really tricky emotions like feeling weak, depleted, and exhausted.  I guess what I mean is this:  Just because I am Brave doesn't mean I feel 100% fantastic about a situation or outcome.  Brave can be ying and yang.
  • Related to this, I thought Brave would always, always, always feel like a positivity party once I was Brave.  But, that is not the case all the time.  Being Brave just means the behavior, action or language I used was Brave.
  • I am celebrating a huge feat of Bravery for me.  I publicly told a group of educators (who "might" ask me to come speak at their schools or institutions) I don't work for free anymore.  They could hire me to lead a workshop or training.  That is HUGE for me as I rarely ask for money for leading workshops, doing small speaking engagements, etc.  My first coachee taught me that line in September when I needed to practice my {life} coaching skills on a volunteer. She said she has a policy, she does not work for free.  It has taken me four months to feel Brave enough to say that and own it.  Four months!  As an aside, what was so great about saying that, besides how Brave I felt, was about half of the group -  7-8 people - were smiling, giving me a thumbs up and shaking their heads, Yes!  
I felt like we were celebrating Brave.


PS - I declare the rest of this week, Heart Week.  If Discovery Channel can have a week dedicated to sharks, than we can have a week dedicated to hearts.  Plus, I heart hearts.  Do you?