Brave Lessons {No. 2}

To keep myself accountable for my word for 2014, Brave, I started a new series, Brave Lessons. You can find the first installation here.  This is what I have learned since then about Brave and here's what I am celebrating:

  • It's difficult to be Brave if you are concerned about people liking you.  
  • It's really, really difficult to be Brave if you can't take rejection from anything or anyone.
  • I need to work on both.  Check back tomorrow about how I plan to rid myself of this fear.
  • I am totally celebrating the announcement of a few early 2014 goals - the parenting class I am leading, taking on {life} coaching clients (I still have space for 1-2 more!), and a semi-top secret project that will launch next week in collaboration with some fabulous bloggers.  The project will be great for kids, families and allies.
  • Lastly, I am celebrating my mom.  She calls, emails, and texts me weekly to say, "I see a difference in you this year."
Yes, Mom.  I am Brave.  And, you are Brave, too.  Let's share that word this year.

Anyone else want to share Brave with us?  It's not too late.