50 Rejections

50 rejections

I have a problem.  I want everyone to like me.  That is nearly impossible as I can't be liked by every. single. human. on. the. planet.

But, I want to be liked by all of them.  I don't take rejection well.

Like most fears experienced, the best way for me to overcome them is to face them head on.  Usually, what makes the fear so scary isn't really that scary after all.  Most of the scariness lives in my own mind.

It is time to get over my fear of rejection.  To do that, so I can move forward with some really big dreams, I am aiming for 50 rejections.  Yes, I will now celebrate rejection and I can't wait to rack up my 50!  In fact, I am hoping for two major rejections this week - one from the Huffington Post, another from a big consulting company, and an assortment of minor rejections related to coaching.

It's going to be a big, juicy, rejection-laden week!  Actually, I think I'll be celebrating rejection for a few weeks to complete my 50.  By then, I expect to be a rejection pro.

Here's to rejection - Wish me luck!



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