You Would Think I'd Remember

On second thought, I think I better title for this blog post would be, "You would think WE'D remember."

Every year, in early January, my sister emails (or calls) me to wish me and Mr. UpCyclist a happy anniversary.  I am always so grateful she emails or calls because, per usual, I have totally forgotten it is our anniversary.

As soon as I find out, I rush to email, text or call Mr. UpCyclist - who has also forgotten our anniversary - as I try to beat him to pretend-remember.

Are we pathetic or what?

So....Happy Anniversary to us!  The couple who cannot seem to remember their own anniversary and you can imagine this year how shocked we were to find out it is our 10th one.

Oh, my,


PS - Mr. U brought home the lovely flowers pictured above and a tasty strawberry with green tea icing cake from Whole Foods that evening.  He acted like he'd been planning that all week long.  Ha!

PSS - One day I'll share with you our wedding story - picture Grand Teton National Park, a blue bird day, two strangers we didn't know, one random dog, and the coolest judge in Wyoming.