My Teacher for Brave

Since my word for 2014 is Brave.  I will need a good teacher to guide me.  Actually, I will need many teachers.  This lil teacher lives right in my house.  How grateful I am to see the word Brave come alive everyday right in front me.

Brave to try new things.  Brave to speak her mind when she is wronged.  Brave to be selective about with whom she spends her time.  Brave to push the status quo.

I think all humans are brave from birth and then somewhere along the line - maybe to fit into our families, society's norms, or the boredom of some schools - we lose our bravery and calibrate to complacency.  The addiction of the status quo ensues.

There is nothing brave about living the status quo if you know you are capable of so much more.  If you know you want more.

This quote I shared in November comes to mind again.....

I'm grateful for all the teachers who will show me Brave in many unique ways.  I'm especially grateful for this lil teacher pictured above in our place in Breckenridge.  She's the epitome of Brave to me.

All my best,