Med O

Ya'll, when did Lil O get so big?  I'm wondering if she needs a new blog name.  Med O?  

Actually, I'm more wondering how all this time has passed by.....

Gosh, I love this kid,


PS - One day, Lil O signed something "Lilo."  I said, "Whose Lilo?"  She responded, "Lil O!"  Ha!  Lilo = Lil O when you smush them together.  Clever gal.

PSS - The photo above was taken in Breckenridge.  There are all these cool old buildings from the early 1900s when Breck was a bustling mining town.  This one is right on Main Street, right on the sidewalk, people walking by it all day.  I don't like to walk by it, though.  I like to dream about what Breck must have been like back then and take photos.  You can see another cool building in Breck here and a very Lil, tiny O.