Life Updated: January Edition

This may be one of my favorite Januarys (or Januaries?) on record.  So much good stuff going on (and one sad) like....
  • Winter hikes with Jedi.  Just look how happy Jedi is above running through fields of snow and just being in it.
  • Lil O continues to capture my heart and soul.  Each age and stage gets more fun, which I didn't think was possible.
  • My goal before the end of March was to have ten coffee dates with friends I hardly see.  It isn't even February and I am at seven coffee dates!  Why didn't I challenge myself sooner?  Each coffee date is a gift.  I am so happy about this goal and its progress.
  • I've been reading like a banshee.  This coming week, I even get to see my favorite author, Daniel Pink, in person.  Pinch me.
  • I am hardly a girly-girl, but I love the new gifts from our friend at Chanel.  See the photo above - though, Lil O claimed the Chanel Post-it notes.  Rats.
  • I didn't take a photo, but I have lovely new college students this semester.  How is it possible that my students keep getting better and more passionate about teaching children?  I'm telling you people, my students will change the world.
  • Jedi (and our whole family) love his January Bark Box (see photo below) and all the fun toys and treats that came in it.  What an adorable concept.  He has two more Bark Boxes to go as we ordered the 3-pack for Christmas.
  • I'm not all the way there, but Brave is certainly coming alive for me.  I'm ordering this shirt to celebrate my word thanks to amazing student, K O'B.  Thank you for finding it for me, K O'B! 
  • I wish I could ignore the fact that the latest mall shooting was at my local mall.  My heart is heavy for all.  I still think this is the problem and the solution.

Be safe, you all.  Take care of each other, ok?