Favorite Start of the Semester Posts

If you are like me and are about to start a new semester, consider trying these favorite ideas.....

  • This is my all-time favorite metaphor to use with students - Captain, Crew & Cargo.
  • I love using Newsmap as students are entering the classroom.  Students are totally engaged in reading the headlines and those colors?!  Ahhhh.....
  • Do you greet your students at the front door?  This study shows you really should.
  • Dr. Gambone's Post-it Note activity is divine and so easy since we, educators, usually have Post-it Notes on hand.
  • I actually teach my college students this communication strategy.  Do you think your students could benefit from it?
  • You know I am completely obsessed with paint swatches.  This is literally the #1 reason why people find Upcycled Education.  Go see for yourself:  Paint Swatch Activities {for the classroom}.
  • Feeling crafty and have an old textbook to spare?  This is the #2 reason why people find Upcycled Education - try Professor KP's Textbook Gems or Quotes.
Have a fantastic semester!  Professor AB, that mustache is for you!

My best,