Cake. Yes, This is a Cake.

Spot the KFC cake

Can you spot the birthday cake above?

I know, hard isn't it.  Here, I'll give you a hint.  It is under that chicken.

Close up KFC cake

Well, faux chicken.  That is Mr. UpCyclist's birthday cake!  Yes, that bucket of KFC is a cake.  And no, I'm not kidding.  My mother-in-law (MIL) is a professional cake decorator.  She made the cake for Mr. U's birthday this past weekend. Mr. U loves Kentucky Fried Chicken, but rarely eats it.  For his birthday this year, we celebrated with real KFC and a KFC cake.  Isn't it the best?  Isn't my MIL soooooo talented?

KFC cake

My MIL made the faux chicken legs, wings, and breasts by coating fondant (I think she said) with crushed up corn flakes.  The cole slaw she made by hand-cutting strips of fondant that she had dyed in "cole slaw" colors and added a gel/glaze to them to look like cole slaw dressing.  And those fries?  She airbrushed each one of them with special edible, airbrush "stuff" to give them that two-tone appearance.

Here's what the inside of the bucket looks like - the cake!

Inside shot of KFC cake

And boy was it delicious!

Happy Birthday to Mr. UpCyclist and huge thank you to my MIL for making such an incredible cake.

Love them both,