Brave Artwork

I mentioned in this post that I wanted to experiment with engineering prints at Fedex Kinkos (they are also called "oversized prints").  I thought some Brave artwork would help me stay focused this year.  I like giving myself reminders.

I didn't even think about the lyrics to Sara Bareilles's song Brave, but a blogger/artist I like was making a neat print from Sara's lyrics and I thought, "I need those lyrics."  And I need them BIG.

I took this photo on a morning hike with Jedi.  In PicMonkey, I turned the photo to black and white since the oversized printer only prints in black and white.  I also added the black circle and text, again in PicMonkey (see photo directly above).  I continue to adore PicMonkey, as if that needs to be said.

This gigantic printer below printed out my image; I emailed it to my local Fedex Kinkos first.  You can choose from just about any size under 48 inches I believe (more info here).  I asked the Fedex Kinko's employee to print my image 23 inch x 23 inch because the spot where I think it will hang can accommodate that size.  The cost was just around $3 for the print.

I'm way happy with how it turned out.  Dark, not smudged, clear and for me, inspiring.

I can see making more art like this for my home or classroom - or even as a unique gift.

I'm still deciding 100% where I'd like to hang it.  I think in our kitchen, near the chalkboard wall, with some colorful washi tape.

Now, to big is my Brave?