Life Updated: The Not-So-Tech Tuesday Edition

We interrupt Tech Tuesday to bring you Life Updated.....

Are you sad?  Are you missing our usual Tech Tuesday?

Forgive me.  

After such a full Thanksgiving weekend, I felt like I needed a chance to reflect.  Yes, me.  Sometimes I have to put myself first.

  • For Hanukkah (we celebrate both Hanukkah and Christmas over here), Mr. UpCyclist and I took Lil O to see a local production of Annie.  The lead gal - a homeschooler in fourth grade - was SO good.  I mean, really good.  After the first song, Lil O gave me the double thumbs up and said, this is going to be great.  She was correct.  The night and production were lovely.
  • Do you see all those sets of sparkly earrings and necklaces above?  As you might remember, Lil O is a budding fashion designer, so I totally let go of the reins and encouraged her to design all the items you see.  I did the making.  She did the designing and I love her unique color combinations and use of beads.  In just about every instance, I thought, I would have never put those beads together - yet they all came out awesome and stylish.
  • Jedi turned two years old!  We packed his day full of fun - hiking, a playdate with his doggie BFF, chasing remote control cars, yummy meals (of egg noodles, real chicken and broth) and fun new squeak toys.  I seriously don't think I could love a dog anymore than I love Jedi. Do you feel that way about your pets?
  • News flash:  Lil O got a new bike AND it is nicer than mine.  AND she has clip-in pedals.  AND she has brand new clip-in shoes.  The bike doesn't arrive until early 2014 and I am seriously going to get schooled by her.  #helpme
  • Another 5K....for two years now, our friends meet us at a local trailhead and we run our own Turkey Trot Thanksgiving morning.  We did it again and ran 3.7 miles.  Woot!  I love when kids run long distances.  The beam with pride after, don't they?  Heck, I was beaming with pride.
  • Did you see our chalkboard covered in math....again?  Wait until I share some other math chalkboard photos with you another day.  PS - Aren't Lil O and friend, K, too cute?! Those two are industrious when they are together.
  • Truism:  Everyday Mr. U and I pack a love note in Lil O's lunchbox.  We've been doing that for a good five years now.  Guess it must be genetic.  My mom left me a lunch note, too, recently.  I was surprised and thought, ahhhh...this is love.
  • I have a bird brother named Sebastian.  He is potty-trained.  Seriously, he is.  Jedi likes to like his feathers.  He keeps nipping at my fingers, but mark my words - that bird is going to adore me one day.
  • Recently, my mom found a vintage typewriter in her attic.  I took it back to Maryland and have been obsessed with it every since.  It isn't the one pictured above - that is my mom's friend's  typewriter from 1917 - but, you can see a photo of my 1960s typewriter here.  I'm in the process of ordering new ribbon for mine.  If right now you have no idea why a typewriter would need ribbon, then.....
We need to talk.

Cuz' it means I'm getting old.

Speaking of getting old, I meant to reflect on Thanksgiving and then, it completely slipped my mind. #seniormoment  Thanksgiving weekend was lovely - lots of good family, outdoor, and craft time, plus, I coached my first teen!  You know how I've been coaching folks, right?  Well, I've been wanting to practice on a teen and I did.  AND.....I think the teen and I both liked the coaching experience.  I may set a new goal - coach ten teens in ten days.  Try saying that ten times fast......

Feeling fulfilled,


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