Life Updated: Coffee Shop Edition

There have been a few consistent things this past week....
  • Making holiday garlands and infinity scarves as presents.  I am not a seamstress, at all, but I can sew a straight line.  Maybe I should write a book, Straight Line Crafts:  For Those Who Own a Sewing Machine, But Don't Really Sew or Know What the Heck They Are Doing.
  • Holing up at local coffee shops to work.  Did you know you can listen to the hum of a coffee shop at Coffitvity?  Apparently, that hum boosts creativity.  You can read this article for more info on that study.  I took a Skillshare class once and the guy who came up with Coffitivity was in my class.  
  • Playing with our new-old typewriter.  Lil O is mesmerized by it.  I know now where to buy old-school typewriter supplies and ribbon.  Thank you, Mr. Internet.
  • Reliving my Etsy moment.  I want more of those.
  • Hiking and trail running in the snow with sweet Jedi.  Mr. UpCyclist and I were concerned his paws would get too cold and snow would cake on them.  Alas, that is not an issue at all.  Maybe he really is part husky.
  • Staring out my holiday card from our second lady, Dr. Jill Biden.  After meeting her in 2010, I always get a holiday card from her.  I noticed this year, their German Shepard - Champ - was featured on the front of the card.
Jedi wants a play date with Champ.