Instaport {for Tech Tuesday}

I recently needed to have access to all my Instagram photos for a holiday project.  Since they aren't downloadable from Instagram, I used this handy-dandy tool, Instaport, to download them.

It was  a total snap to do.  After opening Instaport, I just logged onto my Instagram account.  Chose my date range to download (you can also download by #hashtag, which is soooo cool and another good reason to use hashtags).  Then, click on "start export."  It took under a minute to download my Instagrams and now, I have all of them saved to my computer.

Ready for fun projects.  Hurrah!

Happy Tech Tuesday!


PS - Are you making any cool holiday projects this year?  I'd love to hear about them.  I've been uber-busy making holiday garlands.  #garlandaddict