Etsy Moment

I recently made this holiday garland and had an Etsy moment.

You know an Etsy moment.

When you make something that turns out better than you thought it would and you actually think others would buy it from Etsy.   Have you had an Etsy moment lately?

Side note:  Why is our buffet so crazy red?  It really isn't that red in real life....But, you can see the garland in action.  I'm still deciding on a home for it.  I think it will live at our place in Colorado.

The inspiration:  I saw this paper craft from Paper Source and thought how cute it would be in felt. Using the cheap sheets of felt from Michaels, I hand cut the holly leaves and berries, then sewed the leaves and berries together on my sewing machine.  Here's a close-up....

It was an easy project to sew though it took some time to hand-cut all the leaves and berries - maybe an hour to do the cutting?  Plus, I wanted it pretty long; I think the garland is almost 8 feet.  I envision it double-backing over our huge magnetic board that you can see me here creating.

I love it.  I had my Etsy moment, which I almost had with this artwork.  I love DIYing.

But you totally knew that.

Happy day, Upcyclists.....