Ten People, Ten Days

If you follow Upcycled Education on Facebook or Instagram, you probably know about my recent goal.

Coach ten people in ten days.

You see, I am unsure what to do with my recent coaching class experience.  Sure, I'm melding what I learned into my teaching and parenting (and just about any other relationship I'm in), but what to "do" with the skills, I don't know yet.  Normally, I would be confused by this uncertainty, but not anymore. Every molecule of me has changed.

I decided to challenge myself to join the ranks of Sue (my life coach) and coach people.  Ten people, to be exact.  And just so there was accountability, I decided to coach ten people in ten days.  The people, thankfully, fell out of the heavens.

Coachee #1:  A friend, who had no idea I had publicly set the 10-in-10 goal on Facebook, contacted me 30 minutes after my declaration and asked if I could coach her.  Really?  I was on my way to my goal.

Coachee #2:  A lovely neighbor who had seen my post on Upcycled Education's Facebook page.

Coachee #3:  A friend of mine and Mr. UpCyclist who volunteered to be number three.

Coachee #4:  A former student ten years ago, (now turned friend), who contacted me for coaching.

Coachee #5:  This gal I sat next to on the airplane!  Yes, I was coaching at 30K feet.  I didn't even ask her to volunteer.  I mentioned my goal and she said, "I'll be number five."

Coachee #6:  Another gal I met at my week-long conference in Denver.  Again, I mentioned my goal and she said, "I can be number six."

Coachee #7:   A total disbeliever who only agreed to coaching to "challenge me."  At the end of the coaching session I asked for his feedback.  You know what he said?  He wanted more!  

Coachee #8:  A good friend who happens to live near the conference.  This friend was a big supporter all week long.

Coachee #9:  Lil O! When I returned to Maryland and recapped how I was up to eight coachees, she said, "I can be number 9!"  I thought it wouldn't work to coach my own child.  Alas, I was completely wrong.  Coaching kids is pretty incredible.  My girl has some big thoughts and interestingly, a lovely way to manage them.

Coachee #10:  I went full circle.  Coachee #1 wanted a follow-up session, and thus my goal was complete.  Technically, you could say I only coached nine people, but since I treat each session like it is its own, it felt like I was starting with someone new.

I have to say, I really enjoyed the coaching sessions.  There is something about connecting with people, even strangers, and being a part as they move the needle on their life.  I learned a ton - oh, did I learn a ton.  I even want to learn more.  

More, more, more.

Give me a few days.  Maybe a couple of weeks.  I'd like to try an online appointment program like this one and set up some coaching calls with you.  Or your friend.  Or your loved one.  Whomever wants to experience coaching.

I don't think I can be more elated.  I am celebrating reaching my goal.


PS - In case you read my initial Facebook post, you know how Mr. UpCyclist was annoyed with me for using all of our mobile phone minutes.  I immediately called our mobile phone company that night and for $10 extra dollars changed our plan to unlimited mobile-to-mobile minutes.  Hurrah!  Now, I can coach over the phone to my heart's content - in case you don't live locally :)

PSS - Normally, I would not allude to who I've been coaching, but for this challenge, I thought the back story would be appropriate and wouldn't reveal any personal information about the people I coached.  After all, I have a ton of neighbors, friends, former students and Lil O graciously agreed to go public.