Life Updated: Blue Hair Edition

I think we know who is stealing my heart lately.  Just look at the images above.  One lil, adorable, lovely, creative, talented soul is dominating the images, yes?

Lil O.  That kids brings so much joy to my life.

As does....
  • Blue hair from the Color Run.
  • Running nonstop with Lil O in her 4th (or 5th) 5K.
  • I am so bad at making time for friends.  Thankfully, Prof. KP, is better than me and we got our families together for a night of ice skating and chili.
  • Jedi is so lean.  When we go on fall runs, he runs at least 4-5 times further than me as he antelopes through the forest.  One of my fabulous students, KO, did a speech on the benefits of dog ownership.  Listen people, you need a dog!
  • Have you made homemade poptarts?  This recipe can't be any easier and Lil O and friends adore them.  So far, we've made lemon curd (that product is from Trader Joe's), strawberry preserves, and cookie dough.  We like them in that order.
  • I am equally as awful at making time for my nieces and sister as I am for friends.  Perhaps, that is my next life coaching topic to tackle.  You can see my sweet nieces above with Lil O.
  • When I get a chance to write up the blog post, one of YOU will get to win that upcycled leather Shaxi iPad case Lil O is sporting from Looptworks.  It rocks.
  • Yes, that is a swaddled 8-year old and a rubber chicken above. Ha!  College students, the rubber chicken is coming your way soon!
Happy late fall, ya'll.

Love from Memphis - this weekend,