Kickstarter Support for Retrash

About a year ago, this guy - Nathan - from Australia contacted me to see if the "tank to tees" photo, concept and inspiration could be included in a book he was producing called, Retrash.  If you aren't familiar with the tee to tank idea, visit Crafterhours for the full tutorial.  To this day, it is one of the biggest reasons why people find Upcycled Education.

After looking into Nathan's concept, I agreed.  Why not contribute a useful idea to upcycle old tees into something more useful or wearable?  I also noticed the immense breadth of upcycling Nathan planned to include in his book like this bike to vanity (photo below).  Mr. UpCyclist would think he'd gone to heaven if we had that in our house.  By the way, I would love to give credit to the creator of the bike vanity, but I crossed the 21st century lines and lifted the photo from Nathan's video (are you at least impressed that I have that lifting skill?).  I know, questionable morals..... But, check out this bike vanity, eh?

In the end, I was thrilled that Nathan reached across the ocean to invite me.  What was more thrilling, however, was watching this guy - this totally normal dad, graphic designer, go-getter be so passionate. He is uber-focused and keeps moving forward with this Retrash idea.  I am learning so much about tenacity, focus and passion from watching him from afar.

Naturally, when you admire someone, you support what they do.  I felt compelled to donate to his Kickstarter campaign.  If you click here you can see Nathan in a short, beautiful video talking about the book and his love of upcycling.  You can even donate to the project - opening donations are just a dollar!  Just a dollar?!  How awesome is that.  Most people I know - even college students - can donate a dollar to a fantastic project, in support of a forward-thinking guy, helping to make the planet less trashy and more retrashy and to show that passion can take you places and inspire others.

Nathan, I'm cheering for you and Retrash.