Cloning {for Tech Tuesday}

Tech Tuesday returns!  I have no idea if this post will be helpful in a classroom or not, but it sure is cool.

So, if anything, maybe you can win coolness points with your students, colleagues and/or friends & family.  Being cool is cool, right?

Even cooler than cool is cloning.  The art of cloning is cool.

Exhibit A:  The original photo.  It is lovely.  Jedi is simply enjoying a normal Sunday morning.  The leash, though, has got to go.  Super Dogs don't do leashes!

Exhibit B:  The leash goes.  Say, bye-bye to the leash.  Super Dog is happy and leash-free - just as a Super Dog should be.

How did I do it?  

Exhibit C:  PicMonkey (which I am about to have an affair with.  Don't tell Mr. UpCyclist) and this instructional screenshot below.  I cloned that leash right out.  It took me under 45 seconds to do.

You can, too.  Upload a photo you want to clone to PicMonkey (let's say, you broke up with your significant other and you want to clone them out of all your vacation photos, yes?).  Now, follow the instructional screenshot below.  Or, if you prefer, PicMonkey wrote a cloning tutorial for you.  Why didn't I look for that sooner?  I could have saved myself a blog post.  Guess what?  Their tutorial is really, really good - borderline awesome.

So, if you can't follow my instructional screenshot above, go to PicMonkey's cloning tutorial and have a go.

Can we just revisit Super Dog Jedi one more time?  I mean, seriously.  Could he be any more super or ready for Halloween?

In love,