You Know I Dig Homeschooling

You know I appreciate thoughtful homeschooling as evidenced here and here.  In fact, Lil O and I have some big dreams plans in the coming years about this.  More on that another day......

And.... since I adore a good infographic, you know I appreciate this one below.  If you want to go the original source, click here.

Homeschooled: How American Homeschoolers Measure Up

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  1. I didn't think homeschooling had all these benefits. The biggest benefit I see in homeschooling is that a parent or home school teacher can focus on one or a few students meaning that they can spend their time focusing on the student or students needs compared to teachers in regular schools. P.S. I'm not saying teachers in schools are doing a bad job.

  2. In fact, Lil O and I have some big dreams plans in the coming years about this. More on that another day...... education technology