Wake Up + Be Awesome Artwork

This summer, I've been obsessed with painting the town of Breckenridge, Colorado.  See....

But, I didn't always love it.  The artwork, that is.

So, I decided to paint over the sweet town in country red acrylic paint.  Then, I carefully added some adhesive letters - which were not very adhesive at all!  But, I was careful painting over them in bright turquoise - which looks more like slate blue below.  See how the letters barely stick?

After two coats of turquoise and a night of drying, I was quite happy with the finished product.

When we are in Colorado, I will wake up to this sweetness everyday in our loft.

Wake up and be awesome!


PS - The original saying comes from something I saw on Facebook - a posting by Boulder Cycle Sport.


  1. You need a reminder to be awesome when you wake up? I though that came naturally to you! :D
    This is really pretty btw
    -Sierra R

    1. Sierra - You are sooooo sweet! Thank you! I have so enjoyed waking up these past fews days and seeing the artwork. It does kind of remind me to wake up and be the best I can be.