Tech Tuesday Round-up

Since it is back-to-school time, I thought today it would be useful to round up several of my techie favs for the start of the school year.  Are you ready?  Actually, putting this list together reminds me of a few of these I haven't used in a while.

Dafont - I don't know about you, but the perfect font speaks to me.

Jing - I love making short video tutorials for my students.  Do you?

Newsmap - This free site is one of my favorites to have on the projection screen when students are walking into class.  The colors and headlines captivate them (and me!).

Poll Everywhere - If your school is cool enough to allow cell phone use, I think this free polling site is awesome.

Wolfram Alpha - Did you know Siri (of all the iPhone/iPad products) uses this handy-dandy data collector?  I love Wolfram Alpha.  Students do, too.

Doodle - Nothing annoys me more than trying to schedule a meeting with colleagues and the deluge of emails it takes to pick a date and time.  With Doodle, that dilemma is solved.  Huzzah!

Delivr - I lace all my syllabi with QR codes.  Isn't that too-cool-for-school?

Ha!  Happy Back-to-School!