Summer Goals Update

At the beginning of the summer, I set a few goals for myself.  Let's see how I did.
  • Study wildflowers with Lil O - We studied flowers all summer long.  We learned many names, checked out books on wildflowers, sought out wildflower hikes and sketched a few.  I now don't feel like a complete wildflower novice.  
  • Build my online special education class that is slated to run in the fall - This course is 90% ready to go.  I still need to create a few more module assessments before it goes live in October.
  • Mountain bike and road bike more than I did last summer (and proudly wear my UE jersey) - I think Mr. UpCyclist wore his jersey much more than I did.  I did do a fair share of running and hiking.  But, riding...not as much.
  • Have four separate Yes Days - one for Lil O, Mr. UpCyclist, Puppy Jedi and myself - Since the entire summer felt like a Yes Day to me, only Lil O "needed" her Yes Day.  
  • Trail run to the neighborhood lake three times (last summer, I just did this once) - Yay, I did it! Check Instagram for proof here, here, and here.  Plus, I'm not bragging, but I actually ran the trail seven times.  Woot!
  • Make time for yoga, reading and just being - and not doing - I absolutely made time for yoga, reading and just being.  I think that is one of the reasons why the whole summer felt like a Yes Day. 
  • Create string art like this - Totally!  This blog post details the entire string art endeavor.  It really is one of my all-time favorite projects.
This summer, I did more reflecting and creating than I have in the past.  Such fuel for my soul.




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