Instagram Services {for Tech Tuesday}

I think I prefer Instagram over any other social media outlets.  It is visual, tidy, and artistic (most of the time).

To celebrate my admiration of Instagram (IG), I've collected  four of my favorite services related to it.  If you have a fav you think I/we should know about, please add it to the comments section below.

Postagram - Thanks to a blog post over at Crafterhours, I know about this awesome, app-based service.  It is simple to use:  you download the app, click on one of your IG photos and instantly send a hardcopy (a real postcard) to a friend!  Or better yet, send a postcard to a grandparent; You will score instant brownie points with this fee-based service.  Hurray!

Mpix - What makes Mpix so handy is their app.  You just tap on your photo and can order IG-sized photos straight from your phone.  You can do this with the Costco app, too, but their photos are not sized to the lovely, IG square.  I love that square.

Artifact Rising - This company makes beautiful, soft cover books of your IG photos in two sizes and two price points ($13 and $28).  I think their books are great for a gift - say for a teacher - or super if you are on a budget.

Stickygram - When I was in elementary school, I collected stickers.  Stickers + IG photos = Total awesome sauce.  For $15, you can order a sheet of nine sticker photos.  I think this might be my new "I dig you" gift - for faraway friends and family members.

Happy Instagramming!  Come by IG to see what I'm up to at @upcyclededucation.



PS - For the next three weeks, I am taking a phoneography class at Under the Sycamore.  Here's to my IG photos getting even better and more clearer! Huzzah!