Photo: Wildflower spotted on a recent hike with Lil O; We think it is called Woods Rose.

Yet, another great quote from the Joy of Appreciative Living.

This summer, besides my summer goals here, I am really trying to work on a few self things.  You know, things to improve myself - my life, my parenting, my relationships, my level of joy, etc.

I notice I sometimes get hung up on things - things like money, he-said-she-said stuff, old relationship patterns, yadda, yadda, yadda.  Instead of focusing on what is not working or what I don't like, I'm attempting to shift my focus to be more in line with this quote.  

I'm focusing on the stuff that I want to grow.  The positive parts.  The joy.  The ideal - even if that means it is slightly imagined.

Want to join me?  



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