Skitch {for Tech Tuesday}

doodle photo - mountain and clouds

I am having too much fun with Skitch and my new stylus (affiliate link).  The stylus was a present from Susan at Crafterhours.  I write on photos all the time now.  Doodle-all-day as evidenced from the photo above and these below.

Don't you adore colorful, inexpensive art supplies?  Wait until you see the string art I plan to create with these threads.  "Love" completely fits how I feel about these.

doodle photo - love

Or how about these two cutie-pies, Lil O and Sweet K?  Makes me want to have a gaggle of 'em (Just kidding, Mr. UpCyclist.  I'm good with just one).  But, these BFFs sure are lovely and doodling on the photo added more joy to my life.

doodle photo - happy day

Skitch can be downloaded as a phone app or a computer program.  It has sooo many possibilities, but right now I'm just using Skitch for doodling.  Did I mention Skitch is my favorite price?  Free!

Happy Tech Tuesday! And sweet doodling.


(Yep, I used Skitch for my signature.  Fancy, huh?)