Pic Monkey Collages {for Tech Tuesday}

You know I adore PicMonkey as evidenced here and here.  Did you know PicMonkey is a cycling team sponsor? Woot!

My admiration for PicMonkey just got stronger.  Yep, you heard me.  Strong-er.  Their recent collage update is primo.  You can now edit all your photos right in your collage.  Then, you can transfer the whole collage to the regular side of PicMonkey and add textures, overlays, doodles, text, the works!  I am in love.  Pure PicMonkey love.

The updated PicMonkey interface looks like this (photo below).  It is easy-peasy to edit each photo now.   Yay!

Oh, and if you are wondering why all the selfie shots above and in my Instagram feed.  Before you think I've gotten all full of myself, I am taking the A Beautiful Mess 30-Day Selfie Challenge and  expanding my phoneography skills (yes, new 21st century word).  Quit frankly, I could use some phoneography skills.  Have you seen all my blurry iPhone photos the last few weeks?  Oh my.

Back to PicMonkey.....

I was exploring all the cool features PicMonkey offers because I had an extra moment. Since I hardly ever play with the textures, I popped those open to see what the textures looked like.  I love distressed things.  The smudge texture used below would be cool for the right photo or project.

Hey, look - selfies on fabric!  This was another interesting texture you can add.  This one is called weave.  The faux seamstress in me likes this.

Alrighty, my dear friend and blog reader, I must run - the mountains and summertime are calling me.  Go play with PicMonkey and send me a link to whatever you create or alter.  Then, I will cheer and hoot and celebrate our enduring Pic Monkey love.