Our Fourth of July

How was your fourth of July?  That is if you live in the US and celebrate it.

Ours?  Pretty sweet.  It started with the town parade.  Mr. UpCyclist and about 700 other mountain bikers started the parade.  He and another Upcycled Education team rider raced the Firecracker 50 Mountain Bike Race here in Colorado.

Lil O and her cutie-pie Denver cousins did some pretty serious cheering and candy gathering.  Do all parades throw candy now and days?

I had fun cheering, too.  That's me in red....cheering away (Lil O and Cousin M are with me, too).  Go, bikers!

Jedi was hysterical.  He must have been a rescue dog in another life.  He can match the howl of any and all sirens (in this case, the parade had its fair share of fire trucks and sirens).  I can't get enough of that dog.

Fresh Soap Company, one of our amazing cycling team sponsors, had a float in the parade.  That's Kim, the owner, in the pink apron.  How funny is Fresh Soap's float?  A faux bath!  Ha!

The Firecracker 50 is a 50-mile mountain bike race.  Mr. UpCyclist completed the first 25-mile lap.  That's him at the finish line.  Yay, Mr. U!

Team Rider SS rode the second 25-mile lap.  Sadly, he crashed (boo!) and badly hurt his hand.  He wasn't able to finish the second lap, but SS is such a trooper, he rode down one-handed.  Which is tricky on single-track trails on a mountain bike.

Thankfully, the day - in spite of SS's crash - was a good one.  Lots of outside time, cheering, biking, family time and time to appreciate all the freedoms of living in the US.

How was your fourth?