A Beautiful Mess App {for Tech Tuesday}

Don't you just love a good sense of humor?  This photo below makes me laugh.

A Beautiful Mess App - Breckenridge Humor
Arrow and OMG added with A Beautiful Mess App
From last week's Tech Tuesday featuring Skitch to this week's Tech Tuesday, the A Beautiful Mess App (ABM), you can tell I'm on a photo frenzy.  In fact, when I'm not bloggin', you can see most of my summer visually here on Instagram.

And by the way, those slurpees below were well earned after a mountain bike ride.  I used the ABM app to add the text, circle doodles and brighten the colors.  Not that red dye #5 needs much brightening.  Ugh.

A Beautiful Mess App - Slurpees

Like Skitch, A Beautiful Mess helps make your photos more fun.  They have many pre-made doodles, borders and effects.  You can add text to any photo with their assortment of cute fonts.  Unlike just about every Tech Tuesday I feature, this one is not free.  Yep, you heard me.  My favorite price went bye-bye.  But, for $.99 cents I can be a sport.

In the photo below, I used the ABM app to change the photo to black and white and add the circle-dot frame.  Don't Lil O and Cousin A look so patient waiting for the chairlift to open again for winter skiing?

A Beautiful Mess App - Girls on Chairlift

Mr. UpCyclist and I finally had a date night. Woot!  I used the ABM app to add the cursive border and make the colors a bit less poppy.  I so love that guy as you know.

A Beautiful Mess App - Date Night, woot!

The ABM app comes pre-packaged with some sayings like amazing, OMG, adventure, and ooh, la, la!  With a pose like Lil O's, Ooh, la, la seemed appropriate, no?

A Beautiful Mess App - Gondola Ooh, la, la girls

The girls spent an afternoon at Woodward at Cooper.  Have you ever attended a Woodward camp or dropped-into their locations?  Wow!  I will blog about Woodward soon.  Woodward deserves it own post.  Magic fits that place to a tee.  Which brings me to the photo below.....

I processed the photo below using the ABM app by adding the bottom border, text and brightening the color a touch.

A Beautiful Mess App - Woodward at Cooper Magic

In closing - doesn't that sound like a college paper? - for $.99 cents, I think the ABM app is well worth the expense.  If you take photos like I do and just want to add some funness (new word) to them, then I highly recommend the A Beautiful Mess App.  Right now, it is available for Apple products, but an Android version is due out soon.  Plus, ABM is one of my favorite blogs to read daily.  Check 'em out.



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