Pretty Likes

This may sound dorky, but I glanced at Upcycled Education's "Like" window the other day and I liked how colorful the likes were.  See, aren't they pretty screen-captured above?

Dorky to say, but it makes me happy to see the colorful, fun, happy icons in a row.

In case you aren't familiar with all the happy icons, here's the skinny:

  • Crafterhours - I've spoken about this blog so many times.  Surely, you've visited Crafterhours before.  I love their craft ideas, humor and support of Upcycled Education.  Their annual skirt week is coming up and guess who is a judge.  Yep, me!
  • Coach's Eye - Have you used Coach's Eye before?  It is a way cool app.  Basically, you take videos of someone doing something, then you provide feedback to them with their doodle and narration features.  Along with being a cycling team sponsor this year, Coach's Eye is headquartered right near my alma mater, Michigan State University.  Woot for the Spartans!
  • Mod Podge Rocks - I subscribe to this blog daily.  There are enough ideas on it to keep me busy until next year and probably the year after that.  Mod Podge is also a cycling team sponsor this year.  I love the strange combination - cycling and adhesives.
  • Roll Up N Dye - One of my former students started this way cool tie dye business.  Think of it like a paint-your-own-pottery place, but for tie dye.  Isn't that innovative?  If you are in the Maryland area, check it out.  It is a super place for parties, baby showers, and school events.
  • Gifts by Pisa - My creative SIL (sister-in-law) imports all sorts of fun items from Ecuador and makes many items herself.  I convinced her to become a cycling team sponsor and wait until you see the cool upcycled gifts she has for each rider.  Too clever!
Yes, dorky, colorful icon happiness.

Oh, the little things in life!