Your Positivity Ratio {for Tech Tuesday}

I just finished Daniel Pink's book, To Sell is Human (affiliate link).  Did you know there is a formula for healthy positivity?  Did you know it is good to have some negative emotions or feelings in your day to counterbalance the positive ones?  In fact the magic ratio is 3 to 1.  Three positives to one negative.  Who knew?

For today's Tech Tuesday, hop on over to this positivity assessment and see what your current positivity ratio is today.  The assessment literally takes under two minutes (maybe, under one minute - see, how positive that was?) though, don't get too hung up on your score (cue negativity, please).  Just like most things in your life, you are the master of your own destiny and your positive attitude.

Which thankfully, doesn't need to be perky and positive all the time - just three-quarters of the time for optimal well-being.  Here's my score, by the way.....

I'm a 2.5 - not quite a three.

What about you?  What's your positivity ratio?


PS - Knowing that some negativity is needed in life makes saying goodbye to perfect even more celebratory and lovely.


  1. whoa, my score is not very positive:

    Your Positivity Score for today is: 6.
    Your Negativity Score for today is: 8.
    Your Positivity Ratio for today is: 0.75.

    but, reflecting on yesterday, I am not surprised (my children's school was in lock-down mode and we were given lots of deliberately misleading information by the school about what was really happening). I think I will have to re-do this 'test' in a few days to get a more accurate snapshot!

    what a great tool!


    1. Kim - Absolutely, retake the assessment again (in fact, I think it encourages you to). What's great about the results is it begins to create an awareness about positivity AND validates the point that we don't have to be chipper all of the time - some negativity is healthy.


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