The Opportunity to Peek on Daniel Pink? I'm In.

Two things.

One:  I am completely enjoying this book, To Sell is Human, by Daniel Pink.  It starts out a little slower than other Pink books, but picks up steam & becomes super practical both as an educator and parent (and wife!).

Two:  You know how I aspire to write a book, yes?  If you do, too, check out this interview with Pink to learn about how he tackles the writing process.

Call me nosey, but I like knowing how other people I admire spend their day.



  1. Is an hour-long webinar with Pink worth $49? I usually try to find free things for teachers, but an ad for this event was in my mailbox at the same time as your blog, so I had to share! Not sure how interactive it will be...

    "How Teachers Can 'Sell' More to Students" June 6th 2:00-3:00 PM ET;F:APIUTILS!51004&PageID=DBACC50D-4884-4495-9599-06B2C9EC352D&AffiliateKey=16232&AffiliateData=CAL

    1. Amy - I adore D Pink, as you know. I think the $49 is ok..... an hour seems a touch short for that price point, but for die hards, I'm thinking it would be worth it.

      Why don't you throw it out there and warn folks that this event cost money.

      :) Jen

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