Summer Reading Recommendations, Yes?

It is that time of the year again where I get all crazy about what books you should read and end up spouting them off to you.  I hope life coach, Sue, isn't reading this.  Sue just wrote an insightful blog post about not telling people what to do, but instead "shutting up and listening" - as no one likes being told what to do, yet here I am telling you.  Could we just call today's post a thoughtful suggestion?

Like planting a seed.  A literary seed?

Ok, here's what you have to read might consider reading this summer in order of amazingness -

Daniel Pink's Drive
Malcolm Gladwell's Outliers
Daniel Pink's A Whole New Mind
Jonah Lehrer Imagine: How Creativity Works
Tony Wagner's Creating Innovators
Daniel Pink's To Sell is Human
(all Amazon affiliate links)

If you get through this short list, email me.  I've got a few more you should could consider reading.




  1. Love all those books but a word of caution about Jonah Leher's book -- he fabricated at least some of the quotes/ research.

    1. Melissa - That is sad news. Rats. I really dug that book.

      Now, I shall take it with a grain of salt.



      PS - Countdown until if you will be in Summit at any point this summer.

  2. while I was at the library getting Lehrer's book (which thank you for the link above, I will read cautiously...)I also came across a book by ken robinson called "the element: how finding your passion changes everything"....looks interesting, and although I have only read 7 pages so far, I like it.

    also, I checked out Richard louv's "the nature principle"....shockingly, I have never read it!

    happy/safe travels!


  3. This blog has left its gathering of spectators completely enchanted.