Summer Plans

Mr. UpCyclist has earned his name by being an avid cyclist - both recreational and competitive. Both on road bikes and on mountain ones.  Mr. U is all geared up for the summer and he is elated he will be competing in events from now until September.

Me?  What's on my summer to-do list?

Let's see.....
  • Spending time with Lil O and master Jedi
  • Cheering on Mr. U at all his races
  • Seeing a lovely handful of friends and family
  • Hiking, biking, bouldering (which is like rock climbing, but lower to the ground)
  • Keeping Jedi from this
  • Playing in some rivers
  • Dodging the heat when possible
  • Rereading Daniel Pink's To Sell is Human book
  • Working on some new teaching and stamp shop ideas
  • Contemplating my next moves (especially now that I am a doer and not only a dreamer)
  • Continuing life coaching with Sue
  • Figuring out some artwork for our condo in Colorado (any artists out there?)
  • Keeping tabs on the cycling team
  • Stopping to smell the roses
What about you, sweet blog reader?  What's on your summer to-do list?



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