Snack Taxi - A Cycling Team Sponsor

Have you heard of Snack Taxis?  They are reusable, fabric bags that are toxin-free - ideal for snacks and sandwiches.  They are hand-made in New Hampshire.  AND, they are a cycling team sponsor.  Isn't that cool?  Look how fun they are.....

Snack Taxi

The Snack Taxis come in two sizes - snack size and sandwich size.  Lil O and our family have enjoyed Snack Taxis for years.  They are great for food or for containing random items (like cords, gift cards, travel items, etc.).  I think we bought our taxis through Lil O's school fundraiser years ago.  They hold up so well.

Inside of a Snack Taxi

Erin, the owner of Snack Taxi, sent the cycling team riders these taxis to carry in their jerseys while they ride.  Are you kidding me with that awesome cycling fabric?  The puzzle piece fabric reminds me of autism awareness which is close to my heart.

Snack Taxi pile-up

If you need a clever gift, a fun back-to-school or lunch item or want to do a Snack Taxi fundraiser at your school, hop on over to Snack Taxi and indulge.  We love their cloth napkins, too!

All the best,

PS - Huge thank you to Snack Taxi and Erin for sponsoring Upcycled Education's Cycling Team!  Yay!