Recite {for Tech Tuesday}

Huge thank you to Susan from Crafterhours for finding this Tech Tuesday gem and basically ruining any plans I had to get anything done tonight (or this week).  I am addicted to Recite.

Basically, you add a quote (or choose one of theirs), pick one of Recite's engaging templates, click "create" and voila, you have instant cool, free, downloadable, printable, sendable, amazingable art.  OK, so I made up that last descriptor.  But, really how fun is this?  I used the same quote with Recite's different templates & designs and now, I am in love.

You have to go make yourself some Recite artwork.  Wouldn't it be great framed, in your classroom, on your classroom door, made for each student as a gratitude gift, quick item to leave for a colleague, a lovely Mother's Day present?  Endless possibilities.

And that is exactly what I see with Recite, this blog, Tech Tuesdays and life.  Possibility.