Life Updated: The Reach Edition

These girls.  They are lovely.  Seek adventure.  Push themselves.  Reach.  Fail.  And reach again.

I think this is how my May is going.  Reach, fail, reach, fail, reach, fail, repeat.  I was thinking my May was all sunshine and roses, but I realized when stress came knocking on my door, I could use a reach fresher.  My reaching needs balance.  Over-reaching, over-scheduling = over-doing for me.  The opposite is also true.  I like a little something in my life to keep me inspired and fuel my soul.

It is kind of like these Katniss-archery girls below - Cousin A and Lil O.  Together, they are reaching, but with a sound balance of adventure while learning something new, keeping focused, and relishing in the fun.

Here's to May, reaching, failing, and re-adjusting my reach.

Living and learning,