Life Updated: May edition

I don't remember Mays being this great.  I am loving this month.

From top to bottom, left to right:

  • Mr. UpCyclist and Lil O (and three friends) did a mud-foam 5K together.  Have you seen the foam machines?  They are crazy cool. 
  • I will never tire of looking at this DIY fabric garland next to spring flowers.  You can find the tutorial here.  
  • On Mother's Day, Lil O let her butterflies free.  She enjoyed doting on the five of them this past week.  I love her sweet soul.
  • My college students threw a party and bought me a gift card to Barnes and Nobles for Teacher Appreciation Week.  Really?  Could they be more thoughtful?
  • I have a new favorite office - Susan from Crafterhours's house.  Woot.  We actually get so much done.  
  • What do you think of this swim-bike-run card for Mr. UpCyclist?  I think the washi tape makes it, don't you?
  • CM and I went indoor rock climbing together.  No matter what she says, she is a natural.
  • I love color and Lil O's new art style.  She's made three of her "art wheels" for me.  #buddingartist #lovethatkid
  • Speaking of swim-bike-run (two bullets ago), how about Mr. UpCyclist and Jesse the Statue?  They rocked a half IronMan this weekend.  
May, you are lovely.