Lessons from a Whiteout

Last ski trip to Colorado, I managed to find my way up to the highest runs in a complete whiteout.  The kind of whiteout where you can't see, but a few feet in front of you and like the photo above shows, the ski and ground look exactly the same.

At one point, I literally used my "I'm standing" observation  to know which direction was up and which direction was down; I figured gravity was pulling my feet in a downward direction if I was standing there on my skis.  That's how crazy the whiteout was.  

But, like all things in life, opportunity was around me.  What lessons could I take from this?

1.  Life is better in concert with others.  In hindsight, I wish I would have skied with a partner that afternoon as I was scared and felt unsafe.

2.  Some decisions are best made without over-thinking, but instead going with the flow, your gut, your intuition.  In the past, I was notoriously guilty of over-thinking most everything.  In this case, the sooner I skied out of the whiteout and the bitter cold, the better.  My decision making that afternoon was total gut.

3.  Risk is necessary to growth.  I'm finding lately I have more confidence in my decisions - even the not-so-great ones.  The key:  Not to beat myself up as much when my decisions aren't my "best" ones (like this example of skiing alone in a whiteout).  Taking a risk equals a reward no matter the outcome.

Feeling reflective,