Have I Mentioned Montessori Lately?

I recently attended a meeting about our state's Common Core Standards integration.  Ironically, the meeting took place on the same floor as this awesome Montessori training program based in Maryland.  It is one of the few colleges in the world where you can earn a masters degree in Montessori Education.

I swear this program is magical.  And if I redid my education degrees, I would be a Montessori teacher without question.

If YOU want to pursue such a lovely, empowering, nurturing, beautiful degree in Montessori education, you can go here to find out more.  Of course, if you have no idea what Montessori education is all about, do visit one or more of the links below.  I really, really, really want you to have a clear understanding of what Montessori Education is - there are so many myths about Montessori Education.

What is Montessori - Part I and Part II
Montessori Mafia (I love this title!)
Montessori - the animated version - for you cartoon lovers out there

Awesome stuff,