Birthday & Beaches

Our family never goes to the beach anymore.  Besides being a two hour drive, we tend to spend all of our vacation time at our condo in Colorado, which is lovely, but having sand between your toes was missed.  

I think we also started a new tradition - my birthday and the beach!  Bonus: the B & B where we stayed welcomes dogs.  In this photo, Lil O was twirling and squealing with delight.  

I think she really missed the beach.

This photo cracks me up.  I love Jedi's dog paw in the shot.  Our family.

Jedi spent most of the weekend off-leash.  He had no less than ten dog playdates a day.  At one point, a couple said to me, "Your dog is such a delight.  We've watched him all day welcome dogs and play with them."  Yep, Jedi is a friendly pup.  Boy, did he drink his fair share of sea water.  Oh my.

We took advantage of the deserted morning on the beach.  Since Mr. U is training for a triathlon, the beach provided a chance to dig in his heels.... & Jedi's.

I told Mr. U and Lil O, no more gifts for my birthday.  Let's just spend a couple of days at the beach.  Please.

Refreshed and refueled.



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