Appreciate Those Amazing Teachers, OK?

It is almost national Teacher Appreciation Week - May 6th-10th, 2013.  I'm certain there is an educator you'd like to say thanks to, yes?  Here are my favorite picks for gratitude presents.....
  • DIY Teacher Gift Packs - Like the one pictured above.
  • Word Cloud Gifts - These look so great framed or made into a card.  For the clouds, you can use adjectives to describe the teacher or include all the students' names within the word cloud.
  • Printable Art Work - Even though it doesn't look like Feed Your Soul is keeping up with their free downloads, there is still plenty to choose from on their site and it is all for free!  I love their artwork framed.
  • Mod Podge Reflection Tools - I think I would just about cry if anyone were to Mod Podge me a gratitude gift.
  • Easy peasy, Free Printables from Amy at Mod Podge Rocks - These printables would also be great framed for a teacher.  Check back each Wednesday for a new printable from Amy.
  • Origami Owl Locket - My cousins - a mother/daughter team - rep these amazing lockets.  They wouldn't arrive on time (I don't think) as Teacher Appreciation Week is nearing.  But, I would be happy with a card saying IOU - your gift is on the way!  And really, could these lockets be any cooler or cuter?  
  • Rubber Stamps - Speaking of gifts that may not arrive on time, any of the teacher rubber stamps would be a fun gift for a teacher to say thanks.  It takes about 10 days to receive your order, so you may need to give an IOU first.
  • DIY Artwork - I continue to be in love with these letter stories.  In fact, I just made one for my mom to give as a wedding shower gift.  I think any (amazing) teacher would dig.
I know we, teachers, uber-appreciate it when parents, families, and students say thanks.


PS - Do you have any other clever gift ideas?  If yes, please share a link or idea in the comment section below.  


  1. Thirty-One has great little products for teachers too that they love and help keep them organized! Little zipper pouches are great to slip a gift card in for an end of year gift too!

    1. Great idea! I see so many teachers with cool Thirty-one products!



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