Today I Learned in Action

When I first designed the rubber stamp line for educators, I thought the feedback stamps would be my favorite -  Glows & Grows, Pluses & Deltas and the Feedback for You arrow stamp.  Now, that I've played with all the stamps for a couple of weeks, my favorite stamps are actually the ones that encourage student reflection.  I need to design more of those.

Right now, Today I Learned is my favorite stamp and for the students who shared their input with me, their favorite, too.

I like that stamp because it isn't overwhelming in size and it is so direct:  What did you learn today?  I also think that particular stamp has a plethora of uses - within students' notes, as a prompt for an exit ticket (maybe stamped on an index card or Post-it note that students can hand in to you), as a "check for understanding" or informal assessment of learning, as a conversation starter for students....

....I'm certain your creative mind will dream up another 5-10 uses.

If you haven't purchased Today I learned and want to, click here to access the online stamp shop.  A big thank you to my college students pictured above, S and H.  Thank you for letting me barge in on your Today I Learned conversation.