MOOCs {for Tech Tuesday}

MOOCs are Massive, Open, Online Courses.  Our trusty wikipedian friend can explain the whole concept to you here.  Many four-year universities and colleges are experimenting with offering MOOCs for free.  Imagine 40,000 students from around the globe in one online course.  Oh my!

For some students, completing a MOOC is the ticket to a lucrative job as this NPR article explains.  In the 21st century, we can't underestimate the power of any type of learning, in my humble opinion.  

Lil O and I completed a MOOC about creativity from Stanford this past fall.  On Thursday, this week, I will talk a touch about it.

If you have some free time and want to grow & learn, here are some MOOCs to try....
  • Stanford's free offerings - Just saying you are enrolled in a course at Stanford sounds fantastic, doesn't it?  Of course, if you already attend Stanford you are thinking, no big deal.
  • This cool collaboration of 50+ universities and colleges offers an array of MOOCs.  The Creativity, Innovation and Change course sponsored by Penn State University looks like my cup of tea.
  • Class Central aggregates MOOCs into one place.  There are sooooo many courses listed there.  Which to choose?
  • Udacity offers a wide selection of free MOOCs, you can even pay for some of them and receive real college credit.
  • The team of universities at edX makes this MOOC collection look unstoppable.  Come on Harvard, MIT and UCBerkeley?  Are you kidding me?  
And, you know how I like thoughtful homeschooling and world schooling, right?  MOOCs could take both of those to a new level, especially for high schoolers.  My dream of world schooling Lil O as a teenager is this closer to a reality with MOOCs in my back pocket.

MOOC it out and see what you think.