LIfe Updated: Spring edition

Instagram Collage Upcycled Education

Though you can't tell from the center photo and the leaf-less trees, spring is here!  This week....

  • I swear we went from winter to spring in one second.  How about you?  Which season are you in temperature-wise?
  • Jedi had the best morning today.  He spent time with SR, a former student. He loves her and vice versa.  Thanks, SR, for loving on sweet Jedi.
  • I am obsessed with Roll Up n Dye.  I love that place and Erin.  What do you think of my handcrafted tie dye pictured above?  No, not the undies, but the tee?  I wonder if Mr. UpCyclist would like the undies.  Ha!  I'm certain his face just turned beet red to match them.
  • The stamp store opened! Yahoo!  My students just used the "Today I Learned" stamp in their notebooks to reflect on autism.   I loved how simple the stamp was to incorporate.  I also just sent a new design to the stamp maker this morning.  I dream in stamps lately.
  • Lil O - my budding fashion designer - is in love with Paris right now.  Oh, and poodles!  That Paris-poodle fabric is perfect for her (it is from Joann Fabric).  Unfortunately, the only item my sewing machine sews right now is juice pouch wallets.
  • After many renditions, I finally ordered Upcycled Education business cards.  Poor Susan from Crafterhours had to see each and every draft of my card...and my mother.....I owe those two for putting up with me for 36 hours and my "what do you think of this version?" deluge.  Thanks, Mom & Susan!  I heart you both.
  • Since it is feeling like spring - or more like summer with the heat - Lil O and I have taken our playing outside.  Her Groovy Girls outnumber us 4:1.
  • I am already thinking about which books I want to read this summer.  Any favorites on our hit list?
Happy spring - or late winter - or early summer!  I can't believe I am in shorts and tank and the city of Denver - which NEVER cancels school - called a snow day today.

Oh, Mother Nature, you cra cra.


PS - I almost forgot.  My mom was concerned that my business cards didn't have my phone number or address on them.  I had to set her straight that this is the 21st century; no calls or creepy visitors, please.  Email only!....and Instagram :)