Gun {Common} Sense, Domestic Terrorism, What?

Such power in this image and text from Moms Demand Action.

Oh, World, what is going on with you?

There is no perfect solution to gun policy or domestic terrorism in the US.  Since I said good bye to perfect in September, I'm happy to let perfect policy fall to the wayside.

All of this new vocabulary and incidents are complex and multifaceted.  One change isn't going to solve the woes of society.  But, one change (or two, three, four, or one hundred changes) will get us closer to a normal we can all live with and feel relatively safe experiencing.

Come on, World, let's pull this together......


PS - Here's what it looks like when moms ban together.  Loving, caring, thoughtful, amazing, forward-thinking moms.  ...I think I just described the moms I admire most....