Giving Feedback: The Feedback Grid

After Lil O and I completed the Creativity MOOC at Stanford (MOOC = massive open online course) - you remember, it was the course that landed Lil O her first job offer.  Anyway, after the course was complete, I went back through the MOOC to look for interesting teaching items I could recycle within my own courses.  Here is one of the gems that caught my eye:  The Feedback Grid.  

In online courses especially, instructors are always asking students to give feedback to their peers.  Sometimes this happens within an online discussion board or via a wiki or email.  From my experience, students struggle with this; they do not know how to give feedback to each other nor package it appropriately for tender ears to hear.  The Feedback Grid pictured above solves that dilemma.


I just started teaching a new course that is totally online (as I mentioned a week or so ago).  Dear Students, if you are reading this blog post, get ready to embrace the Feedback Grid.  We will use it to critique each other's assignments and make our discussion boards more meaningful.  We will also use these three other ways to give feedback, so you leave our course as the kings and queens of feedback.


Your royal highness, ha!


PS - Click here to resize, use and reuse the feedback grid to your liking!