Life Updated: Spring Break Edition

It's been a busy, amazing week.....

  • Spring break or bust.  Yay, for Colorado!
  • Mr. UpCyclist is learning to telemark ski (see bottom, right photo; notice how his heel is free and he has to do a deep knee bend on his turns).  Notice I am not learning.  Ha!
  • Lil O finally has ski poles.  I've been working with her on how to plant them and moving her to more parallel turns vs. wedge turns.
  • It literally has been snowing for a full 24 hours in Colorado.  Which makes up for the lack of snow in Maryland this year.
  • I think I O.Ded everyone this past week with cycling jersey photos and blog posts.  If you managed to escape my jersey wrath, click here.
  • I had a 90 minute massage today and I just want to say thank you to the universe.
  • Since I learned how to open a PayPal store, I think I need to sell more things.  New project (& products) coming soon!
  • Did you see this photo on Instagram?  Sometimes I don't make the best decisions.  What's that saying?  Life is an adventure?  Yeehaw!