Inc. Lover

Here is something you may not know about me.  I am addicted to Inc. magazine.  Yep.  I love Inc.  I could read it any day of the week.  I covet each monthly addition.  I even save my old magazines.

Why?  Inc. is inspiring.  It makes me want a small business.  Inc. fuels my creative and entrepreneurial spirit.  Inc. enjoys useful technology as much as I do.  AND, education, parenting & life in the 21st century needs to be engaging.  Inc. engages me without fail - every. single. article.

Which magazines engage you?

In love,



  1. Wow, maybe I will try an issue, I have never read one!
    My fav mag is "Phyllis Hoffman's Celebration!"...its 100% party ideas!
    Cousin Cheryl

    1. CC - Ha! I like that. Or C squared!

      Yes, Inc. has so many great ideas for businesses. It truly inspires me.

      I have not every seen the Phyllis mag you mentioned. I will keep my eye out for a copy.

      Let's talk soon. I loved catching up via phone. Maybe we should schedule phone meetings twice a month just to bounce ideas.

      xoxo back to you,